Why do some languages like Albanian and Greek seem to be more popular than others?

A couple weeks ago, I did a story about the fact that, despite being around for more than 5,000 years, English is still not the official language of Albania.

The story sparked a lot of discussion online and Facebook.

The following day, the article received over 1,300 likes and 1,000 shares.

I thought, if there’s anything that the English language has been able to achieve, it’s the ability to spread the word to a global audience.

The internet has changed the way we communicate and what we communicate, which in turn is affecting the way our language is used around the world.

But this is an incomplete picture.

First, it must be remembered that language is not just a social tool.

It is also a cultural and social one.

The English language is the lingua franca of many cultures around the globe, and there is a lot more we don’t know about it than we do.

We don’t have enough information to fully understand its meaning and nuances, and we certainly don’t fully understand the impact that language has on people’s lives.

That is why, despite the fact the English is a universal language, the global media is still largely in English.

This is a problem.

The reason English is not the lingual medium of Albanian, Greek, and other languages is not because of a lack of information.

Instead, it is because of the way language is taught.

There are so many languages around the planet that are taught in schools, yet English is the only one that is taught at home and is taught to children in primary school.

This can make it hard to understand how language works and what is happening in different cultures.

As a result, English isn’t as universal as it could be.

Secondly, because English is taught in primary schools, it isn’t taught to people at home or in primary schooling.

In order to have a universal education system in which all the different languages are taught together, it makes sense that English would be taught first to all the schools.

However, it seems that this isn’t the case.

English is being taught to primary school children in many countries and not only in the United Kingdom, but in many other countries too.

In the United States, for example, it has been reported that more than a third of all English language learners in the past year have been English learners at home.

It has been suggested that this is because English, and especially its vocabulary, is less common than in other countries.

This may be true, but this also shows how the global spread of English is affecting other languages.

In other words, it shows that English is losing its global appeal and is being supplanted by other languages, such as Albanian.

But this is not a problem that affects all languages.

Albanian is a great example.

Albanians speak a variety of languages, including English, French, and some other languages that are more common in the West.

Albanians speak English as their main language, but they also speak Albanian as their second language.

This is a real phenomenon.

Albanis speak English, but not only Albanians.

In countries like Canada, the number of English-speaking Canadians is growing rapidly.

However and despite the high level of English that exists in Canada, Albanians are still far more likely to speak English.

For example, according to a survey done in 2006, just 0.2% of Albanians in the UK speak English and 0.7% of Brits do.

However the same survey showed that more Albanians than Brits speak French.

This means that in countries like Albania, French is spoken in a very different way than English.

Third, English doesn’t translate well in some other cultures.

The United States has a long history of colonialism and the English spoken there is almost always in the third-person singular.

Albanias language is different, however.

Albania’s language is spoken mostly in the plural, so the third person singular often becomes the singular in the second person plural.

This, in turn, causes a lot issues with the way English is spoken and used in different contexts.

It also makes English more difficult to understand and to learn.

One of the most common ways to learn Albanian or Greek is to learn them in the first person.

This way, the person speaking the language is always the first one to be introduced to it, and is always spoken with the same voice.

However it can be hard to learn a language if the first to be taught it is the person who is to speak it.

In addition, English often has a habit of making mistakes and it’s easy to learn something once you hear it and are familiar with it.

English tends to be the language of the educated, so it’s easier to learn than other languages and it can sometimes be harder to remember something if you don’t speak it very well.

So while it is


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