With Apple’s new iOS 7 update coming out next week, many users will be excited about the new interface.

But there’s a catch: your browser will not work on those new devices.

But what can you do to make it work?

We asked Mac users to share their tips to make their browsers work on these new devices and we found a few different ways.

Here are five ways to do it.1.

Disable the Developer Tools for the new OS.2.

Enable a WebView that lets you do everything from navigating the web to setting up the latest versions of apps.3.

Install the newest WebViews.4.

Download an app from the App Store.5.

Enable the DeveloperTools for iOS 7, and then disable it for the OS X version.5a.

Enable DeveloperTools (Mac users: go to the Settings>General>About>About Apple>Developer tools)For the best experience, install a Web view for browsing the web, which can be found under Applications > WebView.

The developer tools can be enabled for iOS 6 or 7 by going to the About Apple page, clicking on About Apple and then tapping on Developer tools.

The WebView is the interface for managing the web.

If the Developer tools is disabled, the only way to navigate the web is through the web browser.

For the Mac, the WebView interface can be accessed using the menu button or the Command key.

For more information on how to use the Developer tool, see How to enable DeveloperTools.

For instructions on how you can change your default web browser, see Enable Developer Tools on OS X.

For tips on getting the most out of the Developer Tool interface, see Using the Developer Interface to Configure Your Browser.

For more tips on enabling the DeveloperTool, see Get the most from the Developer interface on iOS 7.5b.

Enable WebView for Safari, Safari for Mac, or Safari for Windows.6.

Download and install a third-party app.7.

Set up the Safari or Safari app to accept the new Apple Developer Tools.8.

Install an app to view web content.

For Safari for OS X, install the latest version of the Safari browser.

For Mac users, install an app like Safari for iOS or Safari Viewer to view your Safari web content in the browser.

Install the latest Safari app for OSX.

For Safari for Linux users, download the latest release of the browser and install it in the default location for your operating system.

Install an app that lets users edit images on the web for viewing them in the new Safari app.

For example, if you have a photo library on your desktop, install Image Wrangler to make use of the webview interface to edit photos.

For Mac users: Open up Safari in a browser.

Go to Settings>Accessibility>Settings>Accessible.

In the Accessibility section, select the “WebView” setting to access the new webview.

In Safari, you can now see web content like images on your screen.


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