Mexican translation of “We’re the Americans” lyrics by Lil Wayne is worse than the original

The original lyrics from Lil Wayne’s hit song “We Are the Americans,” which has gone platinum worldwide, have been translated into many languages.

But when Lil Wayne posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, the lyrics were still in English.

“We are the Americans, and they’re our enemies,” he sang in the video.

“And we’ll take care of the Americans.

We’ll take them out.”

The video, titled “Lil Wayne Is the American”, has already received nearly 6 million views, with over 1 million dislikes.

The song was written by Lil B, and has since been covered by artists like Drake and Drake’s wife, Alyssa Mack, who also performed it on Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards.

However, the song was originally performed in Spanish, and some fans have voiced their disagreement with the lyrics.

“I don’t even understand the Spanish version of the song, but I’m glad that someone is making an effort to translate the lyrics,” one user wrote.

“The lyrics are not that good.”

Another user posted: “This is a stupid song, and this is the first time I heard it in my life.

And the only reason I’m listening is to see the music video.”

Lil Wayne has also previously used the song in the past.

In February, he performed a video for the song titled “Love Is All Around” at the Billboard Music Awards, where he performed with a group of Latin musicians, and it was met with critical acclaim.

“You gotta love this,” he said, referring to the song’s title.


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