Polonia, Poland – In a statement released Thursday, Polish President Andrzej Duda said NATO is “not a sovereign nation.”

Poland is not a sovereign country, the Polish president said.

NATO is a union of 27 nations that, until recently, was a collective security organization (CSO).

Duda, speaking at a ceremony at his palace in the capital, Warsaw, said the alliance was founded on the assumption that each member country is capable of defending itself.

Duda said that while the United States and NATO have committed to a strong defense, the organization has also “a responsibility to be transparent and accountable for its actions and to make public statements concerning the results of its operations.”

The U.S. and NATO are in talks with the Polish government about ways to strengthen the alliance, Duda added.

Poland’s foreign ministry issued a statement Friday saying the alliance has no intention to abandon its pledge to defend the Polish people and territory.

“We will remain fully committed to the security of our people and our territory,” the statement read.NATO has been criticized for its lack of transparency about its missions and activities in Eastern Europe, which has contributed to the rise of populist, anti-establishment parties in several countries.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said the NATO summit in Poland “does not help our people or our country.”


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