Romanian researchers have developed a way to synthesize protein synthesis in the lab, as they use an artificial cell to mimic the processes of natural protein synthesis.

The team created the protein-synthesizing device by combining the proteins of two different bacteria, which together make up the microbiome.

It also includes the enzyme tyrosine kinase, which allows for the synthesis of the amino acids lysine and isoleucine, which are crucial to building muscles and the nervous system.

The synthetic cells also contain the enzyme beta-catenin, which makes up the building blocks of many proteins.

Researchers have used the device to synthesise proteins for various tissues, including heart and brain, to test their efficacy in patients with heart failure.

The Romanian team is hoping to create a similar device in Romania to replicate the results of human clinical trials and clinical trials in animal models.

The device can be used to create proteins that are synthesized in a specific way, the team says.

Researchers hope to commercialize the device and commercialize its technology by the end of the year.


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