A Swedish translation of the Turkish National Anthem was released online yesterday and it seems to be a lot more accurate than the original version.

The translation is available online as part of the Swedish Translation Project.

The first line in the opening stanza of the song, which has become the anthem of Turkey, reads, “Turkey is the greatest land that has never been conquered.”

The lyrics in the lyrics of the opening line are translated by the English-language version of the lyrics and then the song begins with a verse from the Bible:The lyrics of this verse, which translates as, “A land with a bright sun, and mountains high and narrow, and a mighty sea, where a thousand ships sail, that never falls off, is a land that is free and inviolable,” read as follows.

The second line reads, “…and I will be king in it.”

The first verse in the second stanza reads, “.



the land of the great and mighty, where there is no king, no lord, no ruler, no king.

I am King in this land.”

And the third verse reads, “(And) I will rule all the nations in the world.”

The translation of this third verse is as follows:The song is based on the poem of the same name written by the 16th century Ottoman poet Muhammad Ali Gurgen.

The poem was written in the 8th century, but the text was lost for more than 100 years.

It was then published by a Swedish translation firm in 1892.

It has been translated into dozens of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Russian, Japanese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The English version, which was translated by Jonathan D. Lippincott, is the most recent English translation of a translation of Gurgens poem.

It is available in both English and Swedish, and the English translation is currently available for free online.


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