The Super Bowl is finally here, and we know who won the big game.

Here are our takeaways from the broadcast.


The Eagles beat the Seahawks 34-17 on Sunday Night Football, but it was not quite enough for Chip Kelly to reach his highest level yet.

It was a big victory for the Eagles, but they were not the only ones who felt it.

It’s no secret that Kelly is known for his playcalling, and the team has been a popular target of criticism throughout the season.

He’s been criticized for the lack of passing attack, and his inability to get rid of pressure.

But he did show some signs of improvement on the offensive line, especially on a third down pass.

That could be a sign that Kelly has the offensive playbook down pat.

Kelly’s offense is far from a perfect fit, but he showed a lot of progress this week, and there is plenty of reason to believe that he can get better in the coming weeks.


The Saints beat the Packers 35-10 on Sunday night.

The Seahawks had their best game of the season in a wild game, and they also were without one of their top defensive players, cornerback Richard Sherman.

But they also had a tough time in the red zone, where they allowed five touchdowns and just one field goal.

They are a tough team to score on, and if they can get some stops on the ground, they should be able to hold off the Packers in a tough NFC South matchup.


The Rams beat the Titans 38-21.

The Titans have had a difficult season, but this was a good game for the Rams.

They dominated the run game, outrunning the Eagles on their first drive of the game, then went on a 26-play, 90-yard drive in the third quarter.

The first two plays were touchdown drives, and when the offense got going again, it was a huge game for coach Sean McVay.

The second drive, which ended with a touchdown run by Tavon Austin, was a game-winner in the final minutes.


The Falcons lost to the Panthers 29-17.

The Panthers are a team that has had its issues in recent weeks, but that was not the case in this game.

After winning the first game of their division against the Cowboys, the Panthers have been a top-10 team in each of the past two weeks.

In fact, they have only been ranked in the top 10 in the league once this season.

But it was hard to see how they could keep winning when they could not get out of their own way in the first half.

They had two turnovers in the opening minutes, but the defense held on to force overtime.


The Dolphins beat the Patriots 24-21 in Miami.

Miami is still looking for its first win of the 2016 season, and it looks like it will get it.

After taking a 28-17 lead in the second quarter, the Dolphins pulled out a late field goal to pull out a 31-20 victory.

Miami had a couple of key plays in the fourth quarter, when wide receiver Kenny Stills caught a screen pass for a touchdown.

Stills finished with five catches for 89 yards, but Miami was unable to convert on all of its fourth downs.

They also had some key penalties in the game.

It looked like Miami had the game on the line early, but its defense forced four turnovers, including a pair by defensive end Dion Jordan, who had a pair of sacks.


The Packers lost to Buffalo 29-20.

It is not often that you can go into a game with a big lead, and that’s exactly what happened Sunday night for the Packers.

But when you are facing the Bills in Week 17, it is not an easy task.

Aaron Rodgers has been having a bad year, and he only has five touchdowns through two games.

His passer rating of 106.6 is the lowest of his career.

And the Bills have been one of the best teams in the AFC West, so this could be the night he finds his rhythm.


The Browns beat the Chiefs 28-21 to move to 4-1 on the season, extending their winning streak to six games.

Cleveland is coming off a tough loss to the Titans on Sunday, but Kansas City played well, and their defense held up well.

With the win, the Browns move to 6-1.


The Bears beat the Jaguars 30-27 in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars are in a rebuilding phase, but their defense has been one that has been outstanding this season, allowing just five sacks through two weeks and holding the Bills to just four.

They did not allow a touchdown pass in the middle of the fourth period.


The Broncos beat the Jets 24-20 in Denver.

Denver is a very young team, and while this was not a great performance for a team coming off an impressive win over the Cowboys in Week 1, it should not have been.

The Jets were dominating the


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