More than 100,000 job openings for online translation positions across China are expected to open up this year, with many employers using the Chinese language to fill positions.

A new program that uses the Chinese character translation system to hire job seekers has attracted more than 100 million job applicants, according to the Ministry of Language and Information Technology.

The jobs will be offered by a range of Chinese companies including internet companies, hardware manufacturers and social networking platforms.

The job listing, posted on Sina Weibo, said that online translation job candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, have the ability to read and write Chinese, be fluent in Mandarin and have a high-level of social skills.

Those who do not meet the requirements will be sent a letter that asks them to provide a proof of their Chinese proficiency.

Online translation job opportunities in China have been growing steadily over the past two years, with a surge in applications last year after the government cracked down on foreign language teachers who had taught Chinese.


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