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A full-time translation service has been launched for the Spanish edition of The New Yorker.

Google Translated articles are based on Google’s translations of original English language texts, such as The New Republic, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other publications, with additional information and additional translations added by Google.

The English version of the English-language edition of the Economist was translated by Google and the Italian edition by the online publication Cicero.

The French edition of La Repubblica was translated and edited by Google, and the Dutch edition by Dutch public broadcaster NOS.

A Google translation of the German edition of Bild newspaper was also provided.

The Japanese edition of Naver News was translated using Google Translations.

The Chinese edition of Global Times was translated with Chinese-language information by Google’s Mandarin-language site, Google Translates.

The Korean edition of Yonhap News was provided by a Google translation by the Korean Central News Agency, which uses Google Transliteration technology.

A translation of a German article was provided for the German-language version of German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Google translation service Google Translaten.

In the case of English- and Spanish-language versions of the New Yorker, the translation was provided in Google Translit.

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