How to convert to a language other than English when speaking the language of your choice

In this video, medical students from the University of Minnesota explain how to convert their medical education into a new language when speaking a foreign language.

The video was created by the university’s Translator App.

The app, developed by the University’s Center for Translating Language and Culture, is available for iOS and Android devices.

Dr. David Schuetz, a lecturer in orthopaedic surgery, explains how to find an orthopedic hospital that offers a translation service.

He explains that, although there are many orthopedics that offer translation services, the majority of orthopedists do not have the funds to translate.

Dr, Schuets app, allows you to download a translation for free and then use it to talk to the orthopedist who has your orthopedically-related medical issues.

This is a simple step that helps the orthopeds in the room to understand the patient’s intent, as well as assist in the diagnosis.

He recommends that the ortho-patients in the meeting should speak the foreign language as soon as possible.

The orthopede can then continue to talk about the patient, explaining the procedure and the treatment plan that the patient has received.

Dr Schuetts video will be included in an upcoming podcast episode, in which he will share more details on the app and the process of learning a new foreign language to a new audience.


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