An Iranian journalist who has been in exile for several years is fighting for his life after a suspected poisoning in Tehran.

The case began last month when a man in his 30s was in a hotel in the central city of Khorasan when he began vomiting and then began feeling weak.

A nurse noticed and called a doctor, who immediately diagnosed the man with a suspected case of the highly contagious respiratory syndrome coronavirus, according to the Associated Press.

The man was transferred to a hospital in Khorasani, but doctors were unable to detect the virus in his body.

The patient was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was believed to have contracted the virus from someone who had been visiting the hotel, and the patient’s relatives were initially believed to be responsible for the poisoning.

A second patient, a woman, was rushed to the same hospital and also was pronounced deceased.

Iranian authorities say they are working to trace the people responsible for poisoning the other two patients.

Authorities say the suspect had also been staying in the same hotel.

He had left behind two other passengers in the hotel room.

A group of five doctors and a nurse who were traveling in a car on the way to a conference in the city of Kashan were also found dead at the hotel on May 29.

They were all under the age of 50.

Authorities are now searching for the people who poisoned the other four people, but they have so far failed to locate any of the victims.

The victim of the May 29 incident, named only as Khomeini, was not known to have been infected.

He lived in the capital of Tehran, but was not at the hospital where the others died.

His family has said he had a mental illness and was not the intended recipient of the virus.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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