India’s first ever language learning app ‘The Indic’ turns out to be the world’s best

India’s largest smartphone maker, Ola, is set to launch its first ever Indian language learning platform that aims to give students an alternative to traditional textbooks.

Indic, which is being called the “first language learning application” and aims to be launched later this month, is expected to be a platform that helps students learn Hindi by providing access to over 20,000 Indian-language content on Ola’s platform, according to a release from the company.

Ola is looking to tap into the Indian consumer market with a number of initiatives including its own free Hindi video-on-demand service.

Ola’s app, which will allow users to learn Hindi through interactive lessons, will also allow them to study by video, said the release.

“Students can also study by watching video clips or learning a Hindi text by listening to it,” the release said.

Oladik has also said that its app, called Sanskrit Grammar, will be the first to offer online instruction to students in the country.

According to the release, students can take a course from the Oladik app on how to learn Sanskrit.

It said the company is also partnering with universities across the country to provide more than 100,000 students with the language.

The company, which was acquired by Flipkart last year for Rs 1,400 crore, has said that it is also looking to expand its business beyond Hindi.

Olavik is looking for “unlimited” funding to expand beyond Hindi and its other offerings in India.

The company said it is looking at “a wide range of other industries in India”, including healthcare, retail and digital services.

The Indian government has launched a $3.6-billion fund for learning Indian languages and culture.


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