Chinese translator of the new Star Wars video says the video does not portray a “racist culture” and that the video is “not about race.”

According to a statement by a spokesperson for the video’s producer, a Chinese company called Soho Media Group, the video will not have a racist theme.

“The theme is that of a galaxy far, far away,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement to CNBC.

“There is no mention of any of the characters, characters or planets seen in the film, but instead it’s about the journey to a galaxy that we’re all familiar with and a common desire for freedom.”

In the statement, the company said it would use its global network of over 2 million video-on-demand platforms to promote the video.

Soho Media also said it was looking for a “translator” to help translate the film for the Chinese audience.

“The translation will be done by a translator, not a producer or any other individual, to ensure the authenticity of the video and to ensure that all the elements are understood and explained in a respectful manner,” the statement said.

“We are actively recruiting and hiring translators to be involved in this project and are very excited to have them as part of the team.”


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