I don’t know how many Americans are paying attention to the latest election results, but I do know the divide between Republicans and Democrats in America is getting deeper and that the party that is not represented is losing control of Congress.

The results were a resounding repudiation of President Donald Trump, a former reality TV star who had run for president and won the presidency in 2020.

They also proved to be a rejection of the Republican Party’s establishment, which has lost control of the House and Senate for more than a decade and a half.

Democrats won big in the House but they lost the Senate, where Republicans hold a slim majority.

That has left Republicans with only 52 seats in the 100-seat Senate, including just 17 seats in their own party.

They are the only major party to not control the Senate since World War II.

The Republican Party is on the verge of a collapse, and the party is struggling to maintain its hold on Congress, especially in a country where the majority of people live in urban areas.

A third of the population lives in a state with a Republican governor or lieutenant governor, according to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.

The Democratic Party is in a deep hole, and has lost ground in every state.

Trump’s victory has thrown the GOP’s hopes for the future into serious doubt, and it is expected that Republicans will try to maintain control of both chambers of Congress for as long as possible.

The Republican Party needs to make some moves to turn things around, especially with a Democratic president.

A number of key Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have publicly said that the GOP needs to unite behind Trump, and Trump has been trying to get the party to do so.

However, Trump has done little to rally the party around him, and Republicans in Congress are reluctant to endorse him.

The GOP has also struggled to rally around a number of policy priorities like health care, taxes, education, and infrastructure.

Trump’s economic policies are unpopular and have hurt the economy.

The GOP has tried to cut spending on social programs and make it harder to raise taxes, but they have not been able to do much of anything.

The party’s failure to unite around a leader, and its failure to show leadership, have contributed to the current divide in Congress.

That is why, in the Senate and in the states, Republicans are looking to their own base of voters to provide the direction.

For the first time in modern times, the party does not have a clear leader.

Many of the leading Republicans in the GOP have been unable to bring their party together and to work together to pass conservative policies.

It’s time to unify the party.

This is not the first election that has shown a breakdown in the party, but this is the first in which a majority of the country is rejecting the GOP and is demanding a different direction.

This is not a partisan crisis, but a deep division of opinion that is now coming to the fore.


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