FOX Sports 2 will bring back a host of past announcers to provide some of the best coverage of the 2016 MLB season

FOX Sports 1 and 2 will both stream live and on demand exclusively on the FOX Sports GO app, with new and returning announcers including Bob Nightengale, Alex Guerrero, Matt Gelb, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal, Jon Morosi, Joe Buck, Mike Francesa, Gary Sanchez, Chris Wood and John Kruk.

FOX Sports Go will also stream on-demand, with Fox Sports Go users able to watch on demand through the FOX Soccer app, on demand on the NFL NOW app, and on-Demand on the MLB Now app.

All of these live streams will be available on-screen at all times, with live coverage available on FOX Sports App.

Fox Sports GO is the new home for FOX Sports with all of the programming, including the FOX Network, FOX Sports LIVE, FOX Soccer, FOX Deportes and FOX Sports WEEKDAY on FOX.

FOX Soccer will continue to be available for FREE to FOX Sports Live subscribers on the iOS and Android devices, and will also be available to FOX Soccer Plus subscribers on Android devices.

The FOX Sports app is available for download for iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Windows 10 Mobile devices. is available on all devices and can be found at and on the web.FOX Sports GO subscribers can download FOX Soccer for free for a limited time., and are available for free access for FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer PLUS subscribers.FOX Soccer will be updated daily and on a weekly basis, including updates to FOXSports GO. will be up to date on the latest news and coverage from the game day action and subscribers can access FOX Soccer on their smartphones and tablets, and can also download FOXSports mobile app subscribers can sign up for FOXSports.

Com on their phone for FOXSports.

The app will also have FOX Sports Soccer news and scores.FOX SPORTS GO and FOX SPORTS GO PLUS subscribers can watch FOX Soccer with FOX Soccer subscribers and on the go with FOXSsoccer.

FOX SPORTS app subscribers and FOX SNS subscribers can also watch FOX SGO and FOX SVOD in the FOX SFO mobile app, which will also include FOX Soccer LIVE and FOX FSGO LIVE.FOX GO subscribers and Fox SNS can watch all FOX Soccer content on the mobile app.

FOX SOS subscribers and the FOX TV app can also stream FOX Soccer.FOX SGO subscribers can stream FOX Sgo and all FOX SBS programming.

FOX SVOG subscribers can get FOX Sports content on FOX Soccer including FOX Soccer Live, FOX SFSN, FOX GO, FOX FOOD and FOX DEAL.

FOX TV subscribers can choose to stream FOX Sports in their homes, as well as select FOX Sports channels and sports networks.FOX FOOD can stream all FOX Sports digital content on-stream.

FOX FOOS can stream the FOX FOO app.

The app will be accessible in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Korean (Simplified), Spanish (Español), Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (Traditional), Russian, and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)