Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a new strategy to tackle terrorism and the threat of cyber warfare in the wake of the Manchester attack, saying the government has taken the right steps in recent years to address concerns about “threats to our national security and economy”.

Key points:UK foreign policy has not been in sync with the world since the Iraq War, the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg saysThe UK will have a new foreign policy unit in the UK’s foreign and defence departments, and an increase in its cyber security capabilitiesThe UK has also been working closely with other European nations to fight cybercrime, Mr May said, and has “significant” support for NATO, Nato allies, and the EU’s common foreign and security policy.

She said the UK would have a “new foreign policy” unit to advise the government on national security issues, and “major increases” in cyber security.

“I have a strong team of experts who have worked in the Foreign and Defence departments for a number of years, who have been able to deliver on a number things in recent months,” Ms May said.

“We have not had that sort of cohesion in the way we think about security in the future.”

It has been a challenge for us to come together in the past but we have made progress in recent times.”‘

Great work’Ms May said the government had taken the “right steps” to address the threat from cybercrime and the rise of the “hybrid threat”, which includes “radicalised elements of the internet, social media and new technology”.

She said she had “great confidence” in the people at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Cabinet Office, and added that she was “open to a number” more experts being appointed to her team.

Theresa May says cyber security is “the next great threat”The prime minister said she was working to build on the progress she had made with the cyber security unit, adding: “I am absolutely committed to building a cyber security team, to creating an effective national cyber security force, and to delivering an effective digital economy.”

Ms May has said she wants to see “greater cooperation” with the EU, saying she had a “great relationship” with both the UK and the 28 EU member states.”

The UK is the leading international economy in the world and it is in our interests to maintain an open, secure, competitive and competitive global economy,” she said.


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