A man who grew up in a rural area in Bihar has started to teach English to a community of people who speak Hindi.

The man is the son of a village chief and a retired engineer.

He spoke to CBC’s John Wallace on Wednesday.

“I was born in an area of India, I was born on a river bed and there is a community called Gauri village,” he said.

The community is located about 30 kilometres north of the capital New Delhi.

“I have never been to the Gauri Valley and I have never even seen a river,” said Roshan, who has been living in Canada since 2005.

He said he is now using the language as a tool to teach people how to communicate.

Roshan said people in the area used to speak Punjabi and Hindi to communicate with each other.

He hopes the language will be adopted by other communities.

It is a small community, but they are all trying to help each other, he said, and to do that they need the help of the government, which is the biggest source of help in this area.


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