A German translator with over 100,000 words to her name says ‘the language is dead’

LONDON — German translator Leet Speak has been called “the new English” by a linguist who has been using the translation for the past decade.

And she is not alone.

In the latest issue of Linguistics Magazine, Leet spoke with the Huffington Post to explore her career path and the evolution of the language she loves.

Linguists say Leet is the “next big thing” in translating.

The Linguist: Why are you going into translation?

Lebet Speak: I’m an English major, but I’m not really into English.

So when I got into this language I felt like I was doing something really, really cool.

I was like, I am the new English.

I was really passionate about this language and I just didn’t want to stop.

I wanted to keep doing it, keep trying to get better.

Linguists: What made you want to translate?

Lepresse: I was really curious, I was looking at the internet and the people translating.

I noticed that people had different ways of translating.

So I was reading the Wikipedia article about English and it seemed like this is a language that’s actually evolving and it has a lot of people talking about it.

I just thought it was interesting.

I’m really interested in translating because I like to learn languages and I love languages and learning languages is so fun.

But I also want to learn about the languages I’m trying to understand and what’s going on.

Lepesse: At first I just wanted to learn how to translate, but now I’m actually translating for the first time.

And I really enjoyed it.

Liho: What language do you translate best?

Lepsse: French is the language I love.

I also translate Japanese and Spanish.

But for now, I translate French.

It’s a good way to learn the language, but it’s a bit harder to read.

Hannah: I like German, too.

Lefse: For me it’s more of a language for writing, because writing is easier than translating.

You just have to use the words a bit more.

Liho (translator): What’s your favorite language to translate from?

Lesse (translators): I love the German.

I like the way they sound, the way the letters are.

And you can understand the sentences a lot more.

Hylene: For sure.

Lepsse (translation): For me, English is the most fun.

Lohans (translation team): German.

Lelouise: German.

And English.

Hihy (translation staff): German and Spanish, Spanish, English, and English.

Lewiss: I love to speak in German.

Les: I would say English is definitely my favorite language, especially when it comes to pronunciation.

Lue: I just like to talk to people.

Lens (translation translation): I am German, so I just speak German and English a lot.

Lützen: For German.

Henschen: I am very much into German.

There are lots of languages that I love, but German is probably my favorite.

I love that I can speak it and know the meaning.

Liesen: I really love French, too!

Henschneider: I have a French friend.

I’ve been translating for a while now.

Lößen: French.

And also French.

I feel like I’m a little bit older than people are.

It’s nice to speak a little more French.

Luhns: French was a little hard to translate because it was so close to German, but the language is still so much more than just writing.

Why did you choose French?

Liesen (translation translator): French is really close to English.

And the way that I feel it has the same power.

I think that it’s like a lot better than writing.

Lohn: French just sounds a lot less weird and complicated than English.

It was easier to understand.

And it’s also easier to say.

Lebes (translation translators): For sure, I like French a lot because it has all the right elements.

Lernes (translation translator): I just love it because I think it has everything.

Lärkös: I do like it a lot for a couple of reasons.

It has the right things, like the ending.

And if I was in France and I had a lot money, I could get an English version of my French, or French with the same ending.

Lemmens: French sounds really different than English, so it was hard to understand at first.

But then I got used to it.

And so I learned a lot about the language.

Lertens: I think the language has a special quality.

For me personally,


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