Korea’s ‘Lazy’ News Feed: ‘They Are Not Getting the Message’

The Korean News Feed is one of the more frustrating aspects of the app.

You get a choice of three main news categories: news, sport, and entertainment.

They’re presented as a mixture of news and entertainment, which is good because it makes the news feed seem more interactive than it actually is.

However, the news feeds don’t seem to be very interesting, or at least not as interesting as the other two.

While the sports section is fun to browse and click on, it doesn’t seem particularly useful for getting an idea of what’s going on in the world.

The entertainment section, on the other hand, is full of fun and engaging features, such as video clips, game reviews, and the like.

But the sports news feed is just a big empty space on top of the rest of the feed.

It’s pretty bad news for the country’s sports fans, who have to go to the other section to find out what’s happening.

I’m glad to see that Google is trying to fix this by making it easier to find news.

However it may also make news more boring to use, as it will only display the news and the sports feeds together.

The other problem is that there are still two big gaps in the app: it’s still not really easy to find what’s new, and it’s not easy to scroll through different sections to find a topic you want to read.

The first is a little annoying.

You need to scroll down to find the news section, but it’s also hard to find where to scroll to in the news list.

I could have made the news ticker appear on top, but that would have taken too long, and I’m not sure how the app would have managed that.

Another issue is that the app will scroll slowly, and if you tap a section and then tap on the top right corner, it’ll take a few seconds to load it.

This might be fixed in the next update, but for now, this is still annoying.

The second issue is the app’s “mobile-first” philosophy.

The news feed itself has been updated to show the latest news in Korean, and in the future, there will be an option to choose to display the latest Korean news from a list of Korean news sources, as well.

I think that Google has done a good job with the news-feed experience, but I still feel like there are too many problems to fix.

Google has also added a lot of extra information, such a weather forecast, to help users find things they may be looking for, but Google doesn’t make it easy to learn more about what those things are.

I also wish Google would make it easier for people to find content they want to use on the app, so it doesn’st just get a list on the bottom of the screen.

I wish the newsfeed would make more sense.

It would be more interesting if Google could just show a full-page list of articles, and not just a quick, “Hey, let’s read the news” box.


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