Two Norwegian translations of the novel The Great Courses are no longer being translated into English because of a recent death.

The translations were given to the Danish publisher Norges Kjær, which owns the rights to the books.

“The translation of the Norwegian edition was done by the Danish translator Norgis Kjør.

Norgs Kjarr has a long-standing reputation in the publishing world, so we were very sad to see this happening,” Norgas Kjajaær’s chief executive Peter Fårberg told The Local newspaper.

“He’s a very, very experienced translator.

We thought that the translation should be completed and that’s what we did,” he said.

Norge Sørensen, Norg Sørengsen’s translator, was a key figure in the translation.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve translated books, and I’ve lost the will to do so,” he told The Times of Norway newspaper.

A similar story happened with the Danish edition of The Great Course of Human Progress.

“We’re not saying that Norg’s translations were perfect, but we don’t think that the books are perfect,” said Fårskær.

“Norg was always a great translator and a good friend.

I am really happy that we got to work with him on The Great Books of Norg.”


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