‘I don’t want to kill’ US woman who says she was gang raped by US soldiers

The US soldier who was arrested by the Australian police for allegedly raping a Vietnamese woman has said he was trying to “save” her life.

The rape allegation was made on the morning of March 25, but was reported by the ABC on the afternoon of March 27.

“She’s going to die,” a man with a white face and short hair who identified himself as Mr T said.

“It’s the end of my life.

I don’t know why she’s going out with me.”

The Australian Federal Police said it was investigating the allegation.

Mr T has denied any wrongdoing and said he is willing to take legal action.

He was arrested at his home in Adelaide, about 25 kilometres from the US base at Camp Bastion in southern Vietnam.

The soldier was released on bail on Thursday after a court appearance on the rape allegation.

“I don of course want to harm her, but I don of f course want her to die in the US,” Mr T told the ABC.

“My intention is to save her life.”

Mr T was charged on the basis of a complaint made by a Vietnamese man who said he had been raped by a US soldier during a joint training exercise in May.

“A fellow soldier raped me.

I went to the police and they arrested me,” Mr P said.

The ABC has been unable to contact the soldier.

Mr P was a US Army sergeant who served in Vietnam in the late 1990s and was deployed to Camp Bastions in 2008 and 2009.

The incident occurred during the deployment of US soldiers to the Saigon border region to counter North Vietnamese guerrilla groups.

The US Army says the incident took place at Camp Bagram, but the man who made the complaint said he saw US soldiers in the area during the training exercises.

He said they asked him to accompany them to a nearby house, where they raped him.

Mr Trump says US soldier sexually assaulted Vietnamese woman Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed he had a conversation with the woman, who was not identified, during which he was told she was a “political prisoner” who could not be released to her family.

He has repeatedly accused the woman of lying about her age.

“He [the alleged victim] said, ‘I’m a prisoner in Vietnam.

My family and I have nothing.

They’ve taken me away to jail, so I don ‘t know how to get out of here’,” Mr Trump told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in January.

The alleged victim has not spoken to the media since being taken into custody.

The woman told the police that Mr Trump had said to her that she was “political prisoners” and that she should “just get out” of Vietnam, Mr T alleged.

“And I said, I’m not going to get her out of the country,” Mr Jap said.

Mr Jamp, who works in a factory in Vietnam’s northern city of Lai Tuy, was one of the soldiers who allegedly raped the woman in May 2008.

He says he was a soldier in the Joint Special Operations Command, and had served in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007.

He also told the AP that he knew the alleged victim.

The alleged rape took place in a US military housing facility at Camp Yolngu, near the border of South Vietnam. “

So when I said I was going to be a Vietnam veteran, he said, well I’m a Vietnam Vet.”

The alleged rape took place in a US military housing facility at Camp Yolngu, near the border of South Vietnam.

Mr Nienh told the Associated Press she was raped by an unnamed soldier.

The AP reported that Mr Nenh had alleged that he was the victim’s “boyfriend” and a “friend of his” when she said he raped her.

He told the AFP he was arrested after a police investigation.

“The US government has tried to cover up the truth about my case.

They are trying to blame me for the rape, and they are trying all they can to cover it up,” Mr Neng told the newspaper.

“What they don’t like to do is to get people like me out of Vietnam,” he added.

“We need a strong and independent government in Vietnam, and I hope I can make a difference for Vietnamese people.”

Mr Nenc is one of dozens of Vietnam War veterans who have accused the US of misconduct during the war, most recently former Army Colonel John Bumgardner, who served as a commander in charge of military operations in Saigon.

He alleged US troops sexually abused and beat him in 2007, but that he never reported it to authorities.

“This is not about me.

This is about my people,” Mr Bumgartner told AP in a statement after his arrest.

“They tried to destroy me, they tried to silence me, and then they tried their best to cover this up.”

Mr Bregard said he has been in contact with several Vietnamese activists who have filed complaints about sexual abuse during the Vietnam War,


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