German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has translated the text of the English translation of the book “The Best in the Game” by former World Cup winner and coach Franz Beckenbauer.

It’s an excellent work of literature and an important one.

It is a book that, like so many others, has been adapted and used by many different footballing cultures, but never in a systematic way.

This is an achievement of the translators, who did their best to bring the book to life.

This book is the best-selling book in German football history, with over 300,000 copies sold worldwide, with an estimated value of over $300 million.

Beckenbau has always been a fan of football, and his life-long pursuit of excellence and excellence of all forms, has led him to the writing of football books that are timeless and timelessly entertaining.

He wrote the best books of his career in Germany, but it’s his books that have been translated into other languages.

This time around he had a different kind of approach, as he used to take his time and study his books in detail.

It was the translation of “The Most Important Football Book in the History of Sports” that he found most interesting.

It was an effort of translation that he said, if you do it right, you’ll be able to get the meaning of the original book.

It would not be the first time he has translated books from other cultures, and he’s been translating football books for years, including a book called “The Greatest Football Book Ever Written”.

He said that this time around, he wanted to try something different.

This is a wonderful project for all of us, and we hope we can bring a new meaning to it, as we are in the process of trying to do.

I hope that the people who have a strong interest in the history of the game will read the book.

The translations of these books are important because they are written by people who are not only knowledgeable about the history, but also about the process and the development of the sport.

The people who do these translations and the translation work for the clubs and the clubs are the ones who make the history happen.

This translation of Beckenmüller’s book was conducted by the translator of ” The Most Important Soccer Book Ever Known “, and it was done by a team of translators from Germany.

The book was published in German in November 2018.

It takes a while to translate, and in the end we have to take into account that this is a new book, that the translations are done by translators who have not been involved in the book itself, and that we need to get it right the first try.

It’s not a good time to take a step back and look at the work of the past.

I hope that people who will read this book will feel proud to have helped bring a message of authenticity to a book.

The first edition of the work was published on October 9, 2018.

The work of Franz Beckensbauer, the German Footballer, who has spent more than 200 years at the helm of Germany’s most famous club.

The book is about the journey of a great player, a great coach, and a great man who made his mark on the history and the football of the Bundesliga.

The translator and the German edition of this book are based on a new, complete version that Beckenwiler has already translated for his native Germany.

He says that it’s a much more readable and accessible translation of this work than the first one, because it’s an entirely new translation.

Beckenerbauer has lived for more than half of his life in Germany.

It is a country that has been a part of his legacy for his entire life.

In his life, there were a lot of things he did for the country, including his efforts to build the foundations for modern football.

The success of this project, he says, will bring more hope to other sports people, and will hopefully help us all to enjoy our sport.

The German translation is the first of its kind and the first German edition to be published in a new language.

I am proud of the translation team that worked so hard on this project.

They worked very hard and very well to bring it to life and to ensure the accuracy of the language.

It will be a very valuable work for football fans worldwide.

The new edition of “What a Football Man?” is set to be the book for every German football fan.


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