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Сertified translation services: simultaneous / conference, consecutive, written (languages: English-Russian)

Negotiations, conferences, symposiums, documents and assistance for notary services, market research, presentations; screen and theatre plays.

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Every type of translation should be done by a professional, each has its nuances and peculiarities. Simultaneous translation is considered to be the most challenging and complicated of them all. It requires not only the impeccable knowledge of two languages but instant reaction, being prepared to tackle any unexpected surprise, able to function at high speed without allowing any delays in performance.

Verevkina Galina

Over 20 years’ work experience.

Education: the Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign languages/ Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU). Московский государственный лингвистический университет имени М. Тореза (МГЛУ им. М.Тореза)

Extensive experience, profound knowledge of two languages, ability to work long hours for duration, under stress. Responsible preparation to each project researching its particulars and avidly choosing the best terminology.

Possibility of travel.

Skype conferences.


Simultaneous / conference / consecutive translation

From 2500 rbl/per hour*

Written translation

To be determined separately

* No less than two hours

The prices are flexible, subject to the duration and specifics of each project.
Any form of payment.